Thursday, June 11, 2015

Piss Mist, Silence Teaches Us To Sing, Future Follies

No fun not ever.
Fuck it has been a long time once again. I remember once saying I was going to try and do this every other week but maybe once a month is more realistic. No one reads this garbage anyways so I am really just talking to myself. On the subject of garbage I am in the middle of trying to move out of my current domicile and I am basically waste deep in refuse everyday now. I am currently avoiding my room since I bleached down my bed which has now reacted with the ammonia in the numerous cat piss areas (and one late night accident from yours truly) and my eyes and throat were burning. So now I am in my living room listening to the rain and silence of an empty home waiting for the bleach to dry.

My post-tour stasis.
In the time since my last post, Ruined went on a 5 day tour through The Rust Belt with Planning for Burial. We had a lot of fun for the most part barring a couple of shows that were essentially empty rooms that we were filling with our gloom. Every show with Planning for Burial was great though and I hope to do it again someday. I feel as though only now are we beginning to get the slightest bit of momentum and yet I feel impeded in some ways. Whenever I get home from a tour it is always bitter sweet. I would say 80% bitter to 20% sweet. I basically wallow behind a feigning veil of normalcy until I am beaten back into my routines. Most people try and talk me out of making more tour plans and the it is good to have those voices of reason to keep me on track. But at the same time there is a million reasons not to do something and the greatest events of my life only happened because I essentially ignored the advice of most everyone around me. If I had my druthers, I would tour for at least two weeks every two months and that is only because of how broke I am. I know it's not for everyone but to me that is the spice of life, the thing that gives all the shit in my life meaning and makes it worthwhile. So essentially what I am getting at is that I want to keep a level head and be smart about my decisions, but basically I am going to tell everyone to fuck off who tries to talk me out of doing something with my music. I wouldn't want to be an asshole to people who obviously are being considerate of my well being but I am no longer going to drag my feet about these kinds of things. Ruined has an actual decently recorded release and I want to push it and get it out there the best I can. It's no longer just me jerking off stale-fish in my room putting out demos and shying away from promoting anything. I want to get in the pit and try to gloom someone.

I made this documentary. Audio is kind of shitty but whatever.
God Hates Us All.

D.I.Y. or Die.
On that subject if anyone is interested in purchasing our latest tape, "Hunter's Premonition," you can order it through Glowing Window Recordings HERE. It comes with a digital download code and as of right now is the best way to acquire the music. As far as future plans Ruined is playing our first show in Kalamazoo on June 18th which will be our last show until August as Sky will be in Europe for July. I may be doing some weird solo set in late July but I'm not sure yet. I am currently booking another short 3 day tour in August which hopefully will be in Milwaukee, WI - Minneapolis, MO - and Chicago, IL. I have a solid lead for Minneapolis and a decent one for Chicago but if anyone could offer help for any of these shows please contact me at Stay Gloomy.