Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drain The Lake, With A Row Ho-Ho, And A Tricky Lah Dee Doo

So big changes are happening in the world of Tristram. Codi is no longer going to be playing drums with us but I was very grateful that there was no animosity and that we no longer have to stress over shit that should be fun and fluid. Distance played a really big factor in this also but all in all things are going to be different for better or worst. But all in all I think all parties involved will be happier in the times to come. I said "all" a lot in that sentence. Three "all's" all within five words of each other altogether. What does "all in all" even mean? Seems like "stuff equals stuff." What a stupid phrase. Anyways, so that is a drastic change we are looking at right now.

Guinea Potato Pirate
Otherwise, the following is something I did for a friend of mine's blog that he runs in Europe about musicians and people involved with music talking about their favorite records. But I figured I would post it on here just for funzie-onezies. If you want to know more about the mysterious musical world of Conky then you just hit a gold mine. Because Kerry King knows I am such a fascinating Potato Pirate. Anywho, here's some shit.

My record collection is relatively new, but I went for many of my favorite records right away. Though some have been difficult to track down or too expensive to afford. But I plan on keeping my collection tight and not end up being John Cusack constantly alphabetizing his records and weeping about failed love. But I do wish I could have had some gems like "Mr. Beast" by Mogwai, "Heartache" by Jesu, and "Deathconciousness" by Have A Nice Life (my personal favorite.) But alas, I am a simple man of simple means so these will have to do. 

"City of Echoes" by Pelican

I remember watching "Headbanger's Ball" on MTV2 when MTV could no longer be bothered to play music so they went ahead and made another channel just for people who might still be interested in stupid boring ole music. Anyways, the song "Dead Between The Walls" came on and I was blown away right away. It was the first time I had heard instrumental music really and was enthralled by their energy and power to melt face despite lacking any distinguishable front man. This record is a triumph of human accomplishment and the closing track "A Delicate Sense of Balance" is an emotional killing blow and a perfect finale. 

Brutal ass shit.

"Those Once Loyal" by Bolt Thrower

I was a late recruit in the Bolt Thrower army, but I have never looked back. I had the glorious fortune to see them live just a few weeks ago in Chicago. I have yet to recover. This record has become one of my favorites to put on when I want to thrash, or when I am doing laundry. Either way, you get shit done. 

"Like A Virgin" by Madonna

Pure Gold. You can't fuck with this record. It's just too good. I can't even talk about it I have to go listen to it.

"Kill 'Em All" by Metallica

In a time shrouded in legend, Metallica was once a band that blew people away with unadulterated face melting thrash attacks that would topple a mountain onto a thrash pit and all members of that thrash pit would eat that mountain and spit rock shards at the band who would in turn thrash the shards into dust. And that time was called "The 80's." It was the decade of my birth and I am proud that this record was released within that decade. It is one of the few reasons I am glad to be alive. I am forever in the Metal Militia. 

Acne is metal.

"Abyssal" by Envy

This is one of the most recent additions to my collection. It is 4 songs that are some of the most emotionally twisting, crushing and beautiful songs I have ever had the privilege to listen to. "Thousand Scars" slashes me deep to my core, and "All That's Left Has Gone To Sleep" shows a great respect from the band showing their post-hardcore/screamo roots. Listening to this record is to step into the abyss and gaze upon the ethereal. In Laymen's terms, it's fucking good. 


"Pinkerton" by Weezer

Perfect break up record. Any break up I have had the past almost decade now I have listened to depressing shoegaze, followed by some post-rock, but the real healing begins when I put this record on. It kind of says, "Fuck it, just whack it and play guitar." I am a strong believer in the "FUCK IT, DO IT LIVE!!!" ethos. 

"Sailing The Seas Of Cheese" by Primus

Now I know cheese isn't vegan, but I eat this shit up. Words cannot express what Primus has done for me. They changed my whole outlook on what is possible when it comes to music. And they showed me, anything is possible. Just pick up a bass and fucking rip it. And sing goofy songs about military imperialism and homophobia. Or songs about the illusion of western living. Once again, this record is a part of me and I would be no where without this, Frizzle Fry and Pork Soda. 

"Young Mountain" by This Will Destroy You

Post rock has a very special place in my heart. The opening track "Quiet" was the first song I heard by this band. I am getting chills just thinking about it. Rarely does a record encapsulate me right away and this record did that and more. They do not speak in words so neither will I, check it out for yourself! 

"Volume One" by She & Him

This record just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And I like feeling that way from time to time.

"Self Titled" by Cloud Rat

This is a band from my state of birth Michigan. I listen to them whenever I am looking for inspiration for my band Tristram which is also a three piece (guitar, drums and vocals.) They just completed a tour of Europe not too long ago so I hope some of you had a chance to check them out. This band has endless potential. 

"Two Hunters" by Wolves In The Throne Room

I was really glad to have been able to see this band with the above band Cloud Rat in a small schoolhouse in Michigan. This is another band I draw a lot of inspiration from. Ambient and other-worldly. This band and record are legendary. I hear stories about them and wonder whether or not they are true. But either way, all their records are each a masterpiece and I am so grateful to be able to dig a hole into this record eventually. Until then, let the gloom wash over me. 

I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for me! Records are neat! Maggots for life! God Hates Us All! 

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