Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Procession's Recording Happy Fun Time, MegabusT, Why Do Your Riffs Paralyze Me?

I am back from my journey to Boston. Everything went really well actually. The bus trip there was pretty uneventful. Graham and I hopped on the same bus from New York City. We got to Boston and met up with Mike and got Grasshopper; super fucking awesome vegan Asian food. Then we pretty much went to sleep. But then the next day we got up around 11 a.m. and watched reality TV for a couple of hours. Specifically this show called "Buckwild." Pretty much "Jersey Shore" for Appalachian scum. So really it's probably the best thing on television right now. But we started practicing and decided that we were going to add a 4th song to our plate. We practiced for about 3 hours and everything was sounding tight. Then a guy named Zach 'Weenus" Weeks arrived to record our shitty songs and make them into magic. We were expecting to take 3 days to practice and record. It took 2 hours to record drums, 2 hours to record all the bass tracks and then Graham was so zazzed that he offered to pay for Weenus' cab home and he ended up getting 2 of the 4 songs done for guitar that night. So over half of the recording was done in one night and then Graham finished the other 2 songs the next day. Otherwise we pretty much jerked off stale-fish and watched as much "Buckwild" as we could. Can't wait to hear Britty's vocals over everything. These are some of the best songs we have ever written.  We are hoping to do something really cool with 2 of the songs that I am really excited about but it's not confirmed yet so I don't want to jump the gun too quick. I can't wait to play shows again and really kick some fucking ass. I want to see every single one of you in the shoegaze pit with me.

The trip home ended up being far more eventful. I got on the bus from New York to Pittsburgh and it was fucking packed. I ended up being squeezed between the window and the tallest hipster ever congealed. I could only sit upright the entire duration. Then we ended up being 39 minutes late so I was 4 minutes late for my bus to Detroit causing me to miss it. I called customer service and was basically told, "Yeah, your ticket is no good for any other bus, you have to buy a new one. So you can fuck right off. Thanks for choosing Fuckshitter Bus Corp," So I wound up finding a diner with 80 cents to my name and ended up befriending two nice waitresses who gave me free coffee for 7 or 8 hours. I would easily be frozen to a sidewalk in Pittsburgh right now if they hadn't helped me out. Being a road warrior has it's ups and downs, usually downs but that was a cool experience. I did eventually get on the next bus and found my way home at 4 a.m. and had to walk straight into work. Got into a bizarre argument with the last bus driver though. I told him I was getting off in Grand Rapids when I got on in Detroit. Then when I was getting off I asked to get my bag from under the bus and he said, "Did you tell anyone you were getting off here?" and I said, "" "You most certainly did not" He said encumbered with sass. And it's 4 a.m., fucking freezing, and I felt very confused why we were having this conversation. "Yeah sorry, can I just have my fucking bag?" That whole trip made me want to say "Fuck Megabus, what a bunch of fuckheads." But then I realized, you get what you pay for. I got halfway across the country and back for really fucking cheap, so I really have no reason to complain at all. If I was paying twice as much I would be a lot more pissed. But fuck it, do it live.

Otherwise, Tristram is going on a little mini-turd tour next week. Should be pretty fun. I wish we sounded more like Beyonce though. Apparently we sound like early Poison the Well on crack though. So that's kind of cool. This isn't early Poison the Well but it was the first song I heard. Fuckin' A.

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