Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nerd Nucleus, People = Shit, Longing Update

A universe of mouth-breathers...abandon all hope...
I would like to open this today with the obvious: there are a shitload of fucking morons out there in the world. My misanthropy only grows with every passing day. One day I hope I can live in the woods 300 miles away from the nearest human being. If I could have that and a high speed internet connection then I'd be all set. Perhaps one day, over the rainbow, I will live in the Gumdrop Forrest near Marshmallow Bay. I have said it many times before but 9/11 just made this country so fucking boring. There is no character anymore. You can't get truck drivers to honk their horns on the highways, and it only made white people more scared thereby allowing "liberties" to be even more fucked. Nu Metal got heavier though, so that's good. I made an awesome Nu Metal playlist at work today, that's going to get a lot of fucking plays from this cowboy I can tell you that. Fuck yeah. It's not Nu Metal but I have been listening to HORSE The Band a shitload lately. I have been loving nerdom so damn much.

Early in the day though I listened to the comedian Stephen Lynch. I used to listen to his records all the time when I was younger and then I remembered that I used to be a total fucking moron like the people I despise. I found myself only laughing occasionally, and that was only when God was being ridiculed. And I thought about where my "line" is these days. The movie "God Bless America" really encapsulated a lot of things I agree with. The main character in the film has a lot of great speeches and rants that I really loved seeing in a modern movie. And why is misogyny, racism, and homophobia not okay to joke about but saying "fuck God" is hilarious? For me it's about offending the right people, or perhaps righteous people. And how original is it to tell a rape joke? Or to call someone a "faggot?" It's been done. It was done a long time ago when your fucked up ancestors started this mess. You don't have to perpetuate archaic mores left behind by fuckheads. Speaking of left behind, can I get a pit stomp from all my maggots? KEEEYAH!!!

Longing is practicing tomorrow which should be a gay old time. For those who don't know we are playing with Planning For Burial April 12th in Kalamazoo. I am hoping to not only have all of our old stuff solid as frozen shit, but to hopefully have some new songs done by then and maybe even have some sort of recordings and merch available. Maybe have records wrapped in Birch tree bark with corpse ash ink. That'd be brutal. I have 2 songs that both have to do with drowning and I have a pipe dream of putting those onto a 7 inch eventually. Dreams make me linger on I guess. 

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