Thursday, January 17, 2013

Long Live The Spoon, Naked Thrash Attack, This Reminds Me Of That

Sitting naked listening to Andrew W.K. I am pretty sure that I would be dead in the woods somewhere if it weren't for him. I have recently been listening to his record "The Wolf" a lot more. And I know this may be a tall order, but I think I like it better than "I Get Wet." "The Wolf" just makes me cry and feel reborn every time I hear it. Especially in "LONG LIVE THE PARTY", so incredible.

I have found my pride.
Otherwise I have been getting more and more excited about my trip to Boston at the end of the month. If anyone who reads this likes Procession's music, no offense but that stuff is garbage. Well not really, I actually like it a lot and I can't wait to thrash around naked to those songs again. But this new stuff is like Graham saying, "Hey bro, let's stop fuckin' around and really fuck some shit up." And I am like "That sounds coo bro, let's do some shredding. What do you think Mike?" And Mike's like "SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU'RE TALKING TO ME!" I am so excited to hear what Britty comes up with too for these new songs. She is one of those people you can say "Hey we took months and months to make some great music, could you write some vocals in like 3 days?" And she just sighs and makes up stuff that is incredible in no time at all and makes us look like damn fools. Really proud of all my mates, I am still always amazed that I am just some turd from Conklin who bumped into the best musicians in Michigan/The World. I guess I should thank Les Claypool for making me just want to play bass and jerk off for 12 years. Good times.

Every time I get excited about Procession I seem to listen to the same bands. At work yesterday I played every band that makes me think of Procession, some of them we sound nothing like but the record will remind me of a time when I was growing with Procession. Number one band is Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. When Procession was just starting out I was seeing a nice little lady from Georgia and she was the first person to show me that band and I was blown away. Other ones are Asobi Seksu, Slowdive, Radio Dept., Ride, Waxahatchee, New Order and this band FIELD MOUSE. Everyone needs to check out that band. I don't know why I am so positive right now I actually had really bad dreams all night and since I have the day off I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. I want some sort of coffee drink though and don't want to go outside. Hmm...

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