Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crying Is My Only Passion, Ice Shred, Ferp Merp

Maybe I need more hobbies. Or maybe I need to spend more time with the hobbies I do have. I went to work early today and just couldn't fathom why I was even getting up in the morning. Especially at 5 am in the freezing cold and you have to bike to work. The moisture of my breath makes my eyelashes freeze together so I can't blink at intersections or I might not notice the headlights soon enough to save myself from peril. Or is it serenity? At least the friction of the concrete against my face would be warm for a moment. 

In other news, Tristram wrote a new song the other day which was pretty exciting. Codi described it as "prog-skramz" which felt about right. I had been listening to a lot of At The Drive In so I wanted to emulate cool rhythms and stuff. The last riff on the song though makes me feel like I am calling forth the demons of old while standing upon a mountain side and it's snowing acid which is melting everyone's faces off.

Otherwise moments ago I finally bought my bus ticket to go to Boston to record Procession's new split we're doing. It's just going to be two songs but I can tell that we're going to be busting our asses. We only have 3 days to finish all the music. I am tired though, I am going to nap now. Merp.

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