Monday, December 17, 2012

New Song Demo, The Cave of Wonders, Chris Tucker Thunder Smash,

I woke up from terrible dreams again and I am pretty sure mice were trying to eat my bananas. Many creatures seek sanctuary in the darkness of the basement. Now I am watching the "Fifth Element" and feeling really thirsty. Some almond milk sounds pretty good. But then I'd have to go upstairs, possibly communicate with someone. Should probably just drink whatever drippings come off the pipes. If you are not familiar with my living situation, it's similar to Aladdin's in the"Aladdin." Except it's kind of like that if that was buried in the ground. Maybe it's more like the dungeon he is thrown in and Jafar comes and fucks his shit up. Sorry for the spoilers anyone born after 1992.

Otherwise, Monte and I did some rough recordings last week that I am hoping to get around to mixing today. Or I might just lay in bed and watch Bruce Willis movies. Both would be conducive to the creative process.

*UPDATE* Finished mixing a demo for Drown Beneath Our Feet with Monte on it. So that's pretty neato. Or I should say, it's gloomy as shit and all things neato must burn. Check it out at our bandcamp

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